Stations of cross




Day 13

Jerusalem Christian sites

Church of the holy seplicure

Casting lots station in that corner

Golgatha Church

Tomb of Jesus

Cyrilus father showed us the back of the rock u touch 

Asyrian church altar ,burn marks

Greek Orthodox Church

Armenian church

Day 12

Jerico 1300 ft below sealevel

Middle of pic at cable cars is new monestery one 87 yr old monk and a protege operate the place

On top is abandoned monestery

Jesus temptation area and where he spent the 40 days.40 days in seclusion, caves are numerous here

The actual wall that fell.looks like this is a major eartquake area.or miricle.either way,it’s Good at work

10,0000 yr old watch tower 


The cylinder formation is the 10,000 watchtower

oldest,2,000 population, considered a boom! They started to farm and walls for safety.


Drive through infamous ,”West Bank”

Lunch in terrorist s here.huge bbq chicken dinner

Dangerous Street s of Bethlehem

Jesus born here.but guide said it was in the cave area

Star area is the spot, children are allowed to have there feet however they wish.adults knees

Jerome wrote Vulgate here

Catholic Church 

Cave where David tended his sheep. AND Joseph and Mary stayed in Joseph’s hometown, Bethlehem till dream had them go to Egypt.josephs connection to Nazareth may be to work at Sephora king Herod project s and in Jezreel valley which is the connection area to the world as it was then…FYI final Armageddon event would be located in Jezreel valley.according to some


Cardgame end of day

Israel check point leaving Bethlehem